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Frank Renette

Frank Renette was born in Lebbeke on September 30, 1957. He gets his upper secondary education (Architectural drawing) in 1975. During his studies he wants to refine his drawing talent. He is oriented toward the realistic configuration. With an almost frightening view of reality and the never-ending quest for perfection, his works are a lure to the masters of past times. The compositions are supported on technical skills and the subtle use of color creates a pleasant relief.



Frank Renette

Artistic education:

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Dendermonde:
Lower secondary education for drawing techniques (1970 – 1973)
Preparatory cycle for higher degree with specialization in drawing techniques (1974 – 1977)

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Mechelen:
Higher degree drawing techniques (1991-1994)
Specialization figure drawing (1994 – 1996)

Techniques: Graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, charcoal, pastel, crayons


Individual exhibition for the Davidsfonds Merchtem (April 1991)
Group exhibition “NOVE” in the Castle of Bel-Air in Willebroek (May 1995)
ART Expo Amsterdam (April 1996)
International Art Fair ‘96 Mechelen (November 1996)
Exhibition and workshop at GOYA Mechelen (Marche 1997)
Exhibition “Op ’t verdiep” at GOYA Mechelen (2006)
Exhibition “3x (De) Renette” Koksijde (August 2013)
Exhibition “Kunst natuurlijk” at the Castle of Arcen – Netherlands (21th September – 27 October 2013)       
Exhibition in restaurant “De Kraanbrug” (January – June 2014)                                                        
Exhibition at “Huize Geertrui” Vlassenbroek-Dendermonde (July – September 2014)                      
Exhibition “Getekend Leven” at Seniorplaza Willebroek (May – August 2016)
Group exhibition “Kunst en kasseien” at the Groot Begijnhof of Mechelen (september 2017)
Work in the spots: exhibition during the month January (2019) at the City Hall of Putte
Exhibition "Het leven zoals het is", library Putte (10-30 August) - (Photoalbum)



Catalogue of the exhibition “ART Expo” Amsterdam 1996
Year Guide of the artist edition 1996


Bank BACOB in Burst (Don Quichotte)
The police building of Vilvoorde (2 drawings)
In private collection in Rotterdam (NL) (Naked study)                                                                                
In private collection in Lede (model drawing and still life – Dreaming II)                                                     
In private collection in Herzele (historical building)                                                                               
In private collection in Liedekerke (portraits, model drawings, still life)                                                                               
Collection of the firm Rademaekers in Steenokkerzeel (collection of 6 historical buildings for a calendar)
OTB (Ons Tehuis Brabant) in Kampenhout (Portrait)

Miscellaneous realizations:

Illustrations in various Golden Books at the Belgian Defence (on behalf of Belgian Defence) (various places)
Illustrations in the Golden Book of the Diamond High Councill (Antwerp)                                                  
Award of the Diamond High Councill (Las Vegas – USA)                                                                  
Charter for the city of  Mechelen (on behalf of Belgian Defence) (Mechelen & Peutie)                                                            
Charter for the city of Lüdenscheid (Germany) (on behalf of Belgian Defence) (Lüdenscheid)                                                 
Several portraits of private persons (at home and abroad)                                                          
Illustrations in the Golden Book of Mechelen since 2013